The Mix


Jai Yen Yen is a motto of Thailand.  Such serenity in serene landscapes. Floods that cultivate nourishment and growth. This is Thailand. Welcome to Thailand. Land of stilted bâan, street food, and sun-kissed smiles.

Reporting live from a stilted home exteriorly coated with vibrant sŭai fuchsia and magenta hues. Bare feet walk the floors of a dark polished wood with ingrained scents of Thai sweet basil, cilantro, and chili spurr peppers. Fifteen by ten inch photos of family, the Thai Queen, and the late King. As I walk up the stairs of my new stilted home, I wâai to the black and white ribbon framed photograph in respect of his royalty. I am thankful for my Host Mother, Father, 3 young sisters, and 2 young brothers for welcoming me into their home. 

This is Week 2:Day 11 of Peace Corps Pre-Service Training.; our second nights with our host families. Just eleven short days ago sixty-eight daring souls boarded a  red-eye flight, unknowing of what’s to come. Peace Corps Trainees occupied the last eight rows, travel- ready. Many of us have traveled while some have never been out of the states. Our origins spread from coast to coast and varied countries but we, at that moment, on a dark chilly night in San Francisco, California, were all at the airport experiencing a host of conflicting emotions. We started diverse and retain those differences with a common vision.