1. Reconnect with your ex

Spring comes before summer and if you’ve done your spring cleaning then you should’ve left homeboy/girl in the trash. I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “Don’t bring sand to the beach” especially if it’s the sand from last summer. As you take your vacations, attend dope music festivals, hit the day parties, etc. network with a new boo or a few and enjoy your free self.

  1. Take a cheat season

Surely you spent the long, cold months getting your summer body ready. Maybe you substituted meals with protein shakes, ate boring salads, and probably tried being a vegan for a week. The gym trainers greet you by name and now you don’t just walk around the machines looking confused. You are (on the verge of being) a professional in the gym and maintaining a healthy balanced diet. DON’T STOP! Keep hitting those workouts no matter how nice the weather. Stay away from the junk and take shots instead of mixed drinks. Less calories.

  1. Be unproductive

Summer is the season to relax. You might have finished school or things might have slowed down at work however, this does not give you a season pass to laziness. Summer is the best time to work on yourself. Write up three goals and follow your progress. Maybe you want to blog about the music events you attended, network with new folks, or spice up your wardrobe. If you have the time fill it with productivity instead of idleness.

  1. Not drinking water

Water is so important. If it wasn’t then 71% of the Earth wouldn’t be covered by it and 60% of your body wouldn’t be it. While indulging in drinks and party favors, and standing or dancing in the hot sun, you must make sure to stay hydrated. Don’t be the friend that’s rushed to the hospital because of dehydration. It’s no good for your health and not fun for your friends.

  1. Fuck up your commas

I mean, if you have it like that then who am I to tell you how to spend. But, if you’re like me (balling on a budget) then summer can really screw your finances. To avoid the cringing feeling of brokenness set a savings goal, open a savings account, and put money in it. If you’re just beginning, get a jar and put all your spare change in after a long night barhopping. Set a goal and stick to it. You will be so happy when Fall comes and you have a couple hundred in the bank.